Another Hard French Hearts Los Homos means another batch of fantastic small business partners who are helping us to make this event possible! Hard French hearts the opportunity to work with different local businesses each year to help us produce our large-scale community events like Pride. We’d like to take a minute to thank our partners and to let you know a little bit about why we love them so.


Our favorite Mission shop where you can peruse through an amazing and occasionally audacious selection of men’s and women’s vintage clothing as well as rocks, gems, minerals, jewelry and gifts recently celebrated it’s 2nd Birthday! If you are at a loss for last-second Pride looks then search no further than this radical queer-owned, operated and staffed store on 20th and Valencia. Also, basically, you, me and everyone we know will be wearing Stone Pony bought outfits and vibing off their woo-laden crystals so don’t be left out.


The fabulous Tricia Gillespie’s pie in the sky dream of opening her own brick and mortar aesthetics business is coming true before our eyes! The Tidy Shoppe will be your must-visit location for everything from waxings of yr sexy parts to one-of-a-kind custom body art. You can even get yourself all tidied up at Pride because Tricia will be there doing airbrush body art at Hard French Hearts Los Homos. Donate to their Indie Go Go to help the Shoppe open its doors!


Browntourage rocks so hard for doing this exclusive interview with Magic Mouth for us. In addition they have a blog, made to order tshirts, and events which showcase the artists they feature on their website! Also, they are pretty much the baddest brownest babe duo in the whole Bay Area. What’s not to love?


The Bay Guardian is pretty much the only print paper that Hard French trusts for a no-BS take on the issues and events that are really important in San Francisco. For the third year in a row we are excited to kick-off Pride with the Guardian at their Pullin’ Pork for Pride Happy Hour at our favorite Castro patio bar, the Pilsner.  We are upping the ante at this year’s party with hostess Lil’ Miss Hot Mess and performances by by Dick Van Dick, Tara Wrist and Rotimi Agbabiaka — did we mention there is free pork? Because there is.


Being a Zipcar member gives us the freedom of choice and do we ever choose! Our favorite car sharing service lets us put on a different set of wheels every time we leave the house. You may see a Hard Frencher scooting around town in a convertible mini cooper or working some butch realness in a Tacoma pickup. Variety is the spice of life and Zipcar keeps things spicy.