This year the committee that organizes the official Pride celebration named Private Manning their Grand Marshal, only to retract it 48 hours later. Pride marks an anniversary of brave queers fighting for their rights at the historical Stonewall Riots in NYC on June 28th, 1969, many of them going to jail for what they believe in. Private Manning also spoke out about the truth, and June 1st will mark Manning’s third year in prison and the start of their military trial. Hard French will celebrate Pride in Manning’s honor. Since the Board of the SF Pride Committee, the organization that supposedly celebrates the beginning of the gay liberation movement , does not feel Manning is a leader of the people, Hard French will honor Manning as our Grand Marshal. WE ARE PRIDE, and we dedicate this event to Private Manning, raising awareness about their trial, and honoring the legacies of all queer freedom fighting by queer GI resisters and queer political prisoners.

100% of the donations received at the photobooth, and a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to the Bradley Manning Support Network. To find out more information on Manning or how to get involved, please visit these links:

Bradley Manning Support Network
UK Guardian Article about Manning and Pride
The Iraq Veterans Against the War/Civilian-Soldier Alliance SF Chapters Joint Statement