Nominate Your 2012 Hard French Winter Ball King & Queen

April Mei Joon and Kelly Lovemonster - Hard French Winter Ball King & Queen 2011 (photo by Shot in the City)

April Mei Joon and Kelly Lovemonster - Hard French Winter Ball King & Queen 2011 (photo by Shot in the City)

Do you know someone who embodies the spirit of San Francisco? Who’s overworked and underpaid, but always generous with their time and talents? Who puts so much creativity into our community that they deserve a little extra appreciation? Now’s your chance to honor them by nominating them to be the King or Queen of the 2012 Hard French Winter Ball!

All finalists will receive FREE entry to the Winter Ball! The winners will receive a 2012 Season Pass to Hard French, among many other fabulous prizes from our partners!!!

And don’t forget to get your tickets NOW!


  1. (Note: nominations are now closed). You can nominateonly one person for EACH category — just fill out the form below no later than Wednesday, January 25th at midnight. Please check to be sure your nominees are planning to attend and you MUST provide their email.
  2. Four finalists will be chosen in each category and announced by Saturday, January 28th so they can campaign and compete for your affections. Everyone who attends the HFWB on Saturday, February 4th will be able to vote for the winners at the dance!
  3. We are not the gender binary police! Nominate your friends, sweeties, crushes, and heroes for whatever feels most appropriate. And don’t worry, you are NOT nominating them as a couple.
  4. Some folks aren’t eligible because they already get a lot of love and have to be impartial: the Hard French crew and Lil Miss Hot Mess.

UPDATE (1/23/12): We’re still pulling together a list of prizes for the King & Queen, but here’s just a small taste of what you could win (in addition to love, fortune, and fame): HARD FRENCH SEASON PASS; gift certificates to restaurants including Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack, Saturn Cafe, and Boogaloos; a Noise Pop schwag pack, including 2 tickets to Big Freedia on 2/25; free drinks at El RioQ-Bar and Thee Parkside; haircuts at Population; massages with Andy Blum at Kabuki Springs & Spa; donuts from Dynamo Donuts!

Questions, comments, concerns? Contact Lil Miss Hot Mess at