We here at Hard French love to work with the many businesses and people that contribute to the vibrancy our community and for this year’s Winter Ball we’re taking it to the next level!  We’ll be partnering with some of our favorite local businesses to bring all kinds of new and exciting activities, opportunities and experiences to all of our Hard Frenchers. Here’s some info about our partners and be sure to stay tuned for even more surprises from them and us in the weeks leading up to the ball!

You can buy pre-sale tickets and avoid online service fees by visiting our good friends at Room 4 on Valencia Street, a kitsch-laden store specializing in great vintage furniture, clothing, housewares and accessories. While you’re there getting your ticket be sure to grab a flashy new bowtie or some vintage jewelryto complete your Winter Ball Outfit.


Get your Hard French nostalgia kick by visiting our home base of El Rio – the perfect spot to indulge in our unseasonably warm winters on the patio and to hunker down inside for all kindsa nighttime fun like Red Hots Burlesque and their famous Totally Fabulous Happy Hours every Friday with cheap drinks and free oysters on the half shell.

Dance yourself into Winter Ball shape at one of the many parties hosted by the queen of San Francisco nightlife, and a personal inspiration of ours, Juanita More.  Her weekly Bootycall Wednesday at QBar and her monthly flogfest Beatpig at the Powerhouse are some of our favorite places to meet a babe.  Oh, and in case you’re hungry after all that sweating, Juanita More writes all about good eats on her new food blog!

Satisfy all of your caffeine cravings and hunger pangs with some of our favorite Hard Frenchers, the crew at Farm:Table café in the Tender Nob.  It’s the best place in the city to sit around, drink hand-crafted espresso drinks (they make hearts in your cappuccino foam!) and cruise for babes – like our aforementioned partner, Juanita More, and our own DJ Carnita who are staples at their communal table.

If you’re searching for your perfect Winter Ball outfit be sure to stop in and see our friends at STONE PONY, a hot new queer owned boutique in the Mission (that also happens to showcase our favorite jewelry line – Babe Alert!). If you are in Santa Cruz, stop by the Saturn Cafe, our official Santa Cruz ticket seller! Find a date for the Ball at our favorite friendly neighborhood dyke bar, the LEXINGTON CLUB. Lastly, those hip folks at ZIPCAR are giving Hard French folks a deep discount, waiving the annual $60 membership fee to all Hard French attendees – just  follow this link to sign up!  All current zipcar members will receive a $10 credit after purchasing a ticket to the Winter Ball.

Whew, that’s a lotta shout outs — but ALL WORTH IT! Stop by and tell em Hard French sent ya!

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