The Mission is Back Baby

El Rio, 3158 Mission Street
Three seatings — click here for tickets
Featuring DJs Brown Amy & Vin Sol, hosted by Nikki Jizz, Performances by Persia, Kitty Von Quim, Dulce de Leche & the very special drag debut of our very own Dance Babe Ms. Marie Love’O

….well that was weird huh? Greetings from Vax town Hard French . Did you get yours? We’re so excited to hug you (masked and with consent of course) again!

The incredible, RESILIENT and magical staff of El Rio asked us to help warm up the patio for them and seeing as how we’ve mastered all breads, cooked every cookbook, become Zoom wizards, beat back Facism, and taken down the honey bear guy we figured all thats left is to French with you again. So we’re easing into the moment with a very special, very safe, very hard french set of sit down only happy hours on Saturday May 15th. Break out your best reunion look and prepare to bring that Hard French energy baby! Lets be weird.

Cover Art : @Stanley Frank Sensation

Cover Photo : IG @hug_me_with_your_eyes

The Hard French Exxxperience is a sit down cabaret style event with live performances, DJ’s and Table service only. Seating is limited to your 2 hour time slot and attendees must wear masks when moving through the space / away from tables & interacting w staff. Tables are spaced in accordance with local public health guidelines and guests MAY NOT intermingle with other tables . Let’s show mad respect for the El Rio staff. They’re doing they’re absolute best to keep you safe and wacky baby!


Hard French Crew