Hard French Family Reunion, May 11th

Celebrate our 9 year anniversary at our Hard French Family Reunion! 

Oh hi again Computer Luuvers. Its time to put your Instant Pot away. We’re gonna start summer now ♥ !!

Adjust your short shorts mijo cuz its Hard French Family Reunion Time!…and ayy are we ready! On May 11th help us kick off our 9th year of Frenchin, Cruisin and lots and lots of Dancin by joinin us out back on the patio of our planet of origin El Rio ♥.

To get your thrusters goin again, we’re bringin the heat with our special guests : DJ Dizzy Miss Lizzy from San Francisco’s Black Rhythm Happening, and by popular demand, your hella fun cousin DJ Cinnamon Beans , a.k.a Nicole Whitten! … FIRE!

We’ll be there too. Along with some Jiggalicious Dance Babes, Heka Free BBQ, and our capitAnes Brown Amy and DJ Carnita…. bring chisme.

Hard French Family Reunion 2019
Saturday May 11th @ El Rio 2pm-8pm

Dj Dizzy Miss Lizzy (Black Rhythm Happening, SF)
Dj Cinnamon Beans (Nicole Whitten, SF)

Dj’s Brown Amy and Carnita

The Jiggalicious Dance Babes

Free BBQ till it runs out. Endless Cruising.

Hard Dancing, Hard Cruising, Hard French.