Nominate Your 2015 Hard French Winter Ball King & Queen


2014 King and Queen

Deadline Extended: all nominations due Friday, May 22 at 6pm Pacific Time!

Calling all do-gooder Dannies, moving Maybelles, shaking Shakiras, creative Cathies and bad-ass Betties!  It’s that time of year when we’re looking for our next court of Hard French Winter Ball kings and queens, okay?!  Nominate your favorite hometown heroes who give give give to our fierce and fab communities and live live live their passions on the daily.  We want to shower them with all the loving we can.

In addition to fame, a Hard French Season Pass, and all the local gift cards we can muster (more on that soon), our king and queen each get to select a non-profit organization to receive the proceeds from our photobooth. This year, thanks to the Levi Strauss Foundation, each organization with start with $1000 and they will match all funds raised at the photobooth dollar for dollar! Nominate folks you believe make your community a better place, we’ll tally your nominations, choose a court, and vote on the King and Queen of the ball live at the event! Helping us helping you helping them helping everyone out.

So what are you waiting for?  Nominate your sexiest sweethearts stat!  (Official rules are below.)

XO your coronation captain,
Lil Miss Hot Mess

p.s. – click here to buy tickets, here for Facebook, and here for frequently asked questions


  1. Nominations close Wednesday, May 20th Friday, May 22 at 6:00pm Pacific time.
  2. You can only submit the form once; duplicates will be disqualified.
  3. Four finalists will be chosen in each category and announced by Saturday, May 23rd so they can campaign and compete for your affections. Finalists must be in attendance at the HFWB.  Everyone who attends the HFWB on Saturday, May 30th will be able to vote for the winners at the dance!
  4. We are not the gender binary police nor are we trying to be all coupley about it!  Nominate your friends in whatever category feels best and don’t necessarily think of them as a pair.
  5. Some folks aren’t eligible because they already get a lot of love and have to be impartial: the Hard French crew and Lil Miss Hot Mess (thanks though).