Nominate Your 2014 Hard French Winter Ball King & Queen

The 2013 Royals. Photo by Shot in the City.

The 2013 Royals. Photo by Shot in the City.

OMG you guys, it’s time to once again make two of our very own feel so special it hurts!  As per usual, we’re looking for royals who are not only badass bootie-shakers but also passionate about their projects, be they art, politics, community, or beyond!  Who are your hometown heroes who give their all to our fabulous communities?

Of course, we love to shower our royal court with gifts from our local partners, a Hard French Season Pass, and we’ll once again be donating cold hard cash to the community beneficiaries of their choice.  Prizes include goodies from:

So what are you waiting for?  Nominate your sexiest sweethearts stat!  (And get your tickets while you’re at it!)

(Nomination form and official rules after the jump.)

Love you like XO,
Lil Miss Hot Mess


  1. Nominations close Wednesday, February 12th at 6:00pm Pacific time.
  2. You can only submit the form once; duplicates will be disqualified.
  3. Four finalists will be chosen in each category and announced by Saturday, February 15th so they can campaign and compete for your affections. Everyone who attends the HFWB on Saturday, February 22nd will be able to vote for the winners at the dance!
  4. We are not the gender binary police nor are we trying to be all coupley about it!  Nominate your friends in whatever category feels best and don’t necessarily think of them as a pair.
  5. Some folks aren’t eligible because they already get a lot of love and have to be impartial: the Hard French crew and Lil Miss Hot Mess (thanks though, love you mean it).