Nominate Your 2013 Hard French Winter Ball King & Queen

It’s time once again to nominate your friends, lovers, crushes, and all-around heros for the Hard French Winter Ball King & Queen competition!  As always, we’re looking for extraordinary folks from our community who are smart, sweet, artsy, crafty, committed, bold, big-hearted, and of course, self-identifiably sexy and know how to shake their tail feathers!  Ultimately, it’s a chance to honor the folks who tend to put in more than they get back, to say thank you for being part of what makes our community so great!

New this year, our nominees will each be competing for an organization of their choice to become the community beneficiaries of the Winter Ball (it’s sort of like Celebrity Apprentice but without Donald Trump) — it’s another way of supporting the work these great folks are doing and giving back to our community!  Of course, all finalists receive FREE entry to the Winter Ball.  The winners will receive a 2013 Season Pass to Hard French, as well as a prize pack including gift certificates and treats to some of our favorite spots (we’re constantly updating this list!!!):

The nomination form and official rules are below / after the jump — and don’t forget to get your tickets now!

Lil Miss Hot Mess, your official vote counter


  1. NOMINATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED.  We have extended the nominations process.  Nominations now close Wednesday, January 23rd at 6:00pm Pacific time.
  2. You can only submit the form once.
  3. Four finalists will be chosen in each category and announced by Saturday, January 26th so they can campaign and compete for your affections. Everyone who attends the HFWB on Saturday, February 2nd will be able to vote for the winners at the dance!
  4. We are not the gender binary police nor are we trying to be all coupley about it!  Nominate your friends in whatever category feels best and don’t necessarily think of them as a couple.
  5. Some folks aren’t eligible because they already get a lot of love and have to be impartial: the Hard French crew and Lil Miss Hot Mess (thanks though).

Nominations are now closed!  Thank you for submitting!!!

Questions, comments, concerns? Contact Lil Miss Hot Mess via email or Facebook.