Hard French is beside ourselves excited to announce that we will be joined by one of soul music’s true living legend’s SUGAR PIE DESANTO at our Hard French ♥’s Los Homos Pride Party on Sunday, June 24th at SOMArts!


It has always been a goal of Hard French’s to have the opportunity to introduce the dance babes who come to our parties to the artists who actually created the music they’re dancing to 50 years ago and also to introduce the artists to a new generation of folks who are sweating it out to their jams! We can’t think of an artist we’d rather host than Sugar Pie, and our 2nd annual Pride Party is the perfect venue!

DeSanto, now 76 year old, recorded hits in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s that we regularly play at Hard French including Soulful Dress, I Want To Know, I Don’t Wanna Fuss, Go Go Power and a pair of songs she recorded with her childhood friend ETTA JAMES, Down In The Basement and Do I Make Myself Clear. Speaking of Sugar Pie and Etta, the only thing we like more than the songs they recorded together is the fact that in the 50’s they ran together in a San Francisco girl gang called the Lucky 20’s!! FIERCE!

To learn more about Sugar Pie check out this great NPR Article on her that takes you all the way from her SF girl gang days to her doing a backflip on stage a couple years ago while winning an award.

FYI we’re going to be announcing even more performers and be launching ticket sales soon for our June 24th Pride Party so save the date, stay tuned and in the mean time check out some of our Sugar Pie faves