Check Out FARM:TABLE Coffee At This Sunday’s Winter Ball Brunch

We’re completely abuzz over our Winter Ball partners, Farm:Table!  Not only because they supply us with some of the highest quality, locally roasted caffeine around at their cute TenderNob (sexiest neighborhood name ever) location and not only because they employ actual bees in the sustainable rooftop garden from which they harvest the herbs that go into their delicious eats but because they are the hottest queer hangout in town!

Food, Drinks & Babes To Make Yr Mouth Water -- Photo by Shot In The City

On any given day you can stroll in and take a seat at their communal table and hop into conversations with the likes of one of our favorite nightlife mavens, Juanita More, our fantastic Winter Ball photographer, Shot in the City or any number of the Hard French crew themselves.  We’re also excited to start soaking up the sun in their soon-to-be parked Parklet designed by orgydziak/prillinger architects!

Juanita More & Shannon of Farm:Table = Babes on Parade-- Photo by Shot In The City

For those who are attending the ball and are going to be looking for the perfect post-party perk up, you’ll have to look no further than Farm:Table who will be handing out samples of their delicious iced coffee at our Hard French Brunch at the Saturn Cafe this Sunday in Santa Cruz. Hard French Winter Ball attendees will get 10% off their meal at this veggie/vegan diner from 10am-4pm and will have a chance to get their buzz on while they wait.