Hard French FUNKS The Vote

On November 8th the city of San Francisco has some serious decisions to make — we’ll be electing a new mayor, sheriff & district attorney and voting on ballot measures dealing with everything from pension reform to sales tax increases.  Hard French is proud to be a part of a community where parties and politics go hand in hand, where babes congregate on a dancefloors to show their support for the organizations, people and causes that fill their hearts.  That is why we want to make sure that all of you get out there and FUNK THE VOTE ON NOVEMBER 8TH!   We also think voting is sexy and you are too.

Up until the election we will  be sharing resources with you on this page that will help explain all the stuff that we have on our plates November 8th.  If you’re looking for some great reccommendations and perspectives on who to vote for we think you should check out the SF Bay Guardian Endorsements, SF Pissed Off Voter Guide and the Harvey Milk Club Endorsements.  Also check out the SF Voter Toolkit to register to vote, learn about whats on the ballot, find yr polling place, etc.

HARD FRENCH FUNKS THE VOTE is a month-long effort to make sure that you know who’s who, what’s what and get out there and vote on November 8th.  We kicked it off at Hardly Strictly French where we partnered with our friends at the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club to do a serious voter registration push that resulted in over 50 NEW REGISTERED VOTERS!

We also hosted a number of elected officials in SF and folks who are running for office in this coming election including John Avalos (District 11 Supervisor & Mayoral Candidate), Ross Mirkarimi (District 5 Supervisor & Sheriff Candidate), David Chiu (Board of Supervisors President & Mayoral Candidate), Jane Kim (District 6 Supervisor), Scott Weiner (District 8 Supervisor),  David Onek (District Attorney Candidate) and Sharmin Bock (District Attorney Candidate).

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