Hard French Pride Set Times — Plan Yr Day (the homo way)!

Hey Homos!  Are you ready for Pride?  Many of you have been chirping at us and asking what times all of your favorite performers and parties will be happening throughout the day — so here’s a schedule!

Time Mainstage Odd Job Room
2pm-3pm Beyonda/Carnita/Brown Amy PARTYHOLE!!!!!!
3pm – 3:30pm Nick Waterhouse Dial Up
3:30pm – 4pm Beyonda/Carnita/Brown Amy Dial Up
4pm – 5pm Erase Errata Ships in the Night
5pm – 6pm Hard French O’clock!!! Stay Gold
6pm – 7pm Hard French O’clock!!! OH!
7pm – 7:30pm Hard French O’clock!!! CHRISTEENE
7:30pm – 8:30pm HOTTUB Blow Pony
8:30pm – 9pm DJ Beyonda  
9pm – 10pm Big Freedia + Rusty Lazer  

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