How do I buy tickets?

What a great question young gay — the purchase ticket link is right here! And just in case you were thinking it – here is the facebook event page, and here is our instagram account, too!

What is Hard French?

If you don’t know me by now, you will never ever know me. Just kidding. We’re a big daytime dance party normally at El Rio in the Mission once a month. We’re also a crew comprised of five friends who are all super hands on in all aspects of the production and promotion of the event. We play all vinyl soul music and we like to make handcrafted decorations. Our Pride Party includes us and our friends – soul music and so much more. Here’s a good primer on what to expect at Hard French.

What is Hard French Hearts Los Homos?

ITS YOUR PRIDE BABY! Seriously, we wanted to hang out and party and feel PROUD TO BE A BIG CREATIVE HANDSOME QUEER on pride weekend – but a lot of the official pride events just didn’t really speak to us. So we created our own event and asked all our friends to party with us. You’ll get everything from soul music to hip hop to electro art house to live music and DJs and probably some making out too.

What does you mean by block party? Is that even legal? 

YES! It’s totally legal and by block party we mean – we were so excited to celebrate being a big queer that we shut down a whole BLOCK to party OUTSIDE! The outdoor portion of the event is on Stevenson street, located behind Mezzanine. What you can expect:

3pm – 8pm, Stevenson Alley Outdoor Block Party: an outdoor dance party a la classic Hard French – DJs Brown Amy & Carnita and the Hard French Jiggalicious Dance Babes – with all your favorite all vinyl soul classics.

3pm – 11pm, Mezzanine Mainstage: a live performance by the legendary ESG, along with guest DJs from 6 Clubs in 6 Hours – Mango, Lexington Club, Bearracuda, Smooth Operator, Polyglamorous, and Cafeteria (LA). Who knows who will show up and who we might add last minute!

What’s the difference between your ticket levels?

Good question! Its basically just a way for us to make sure you don’t wait in a line. We want to ensure as many people can get into the event as possible. If you bought a discounted $15/$20/$25 pre sale ticket – we will make sure you get in the event. You will have your own line which most likely will move quickly. You can leave and come back at any time between 3pm – 6pm. After 6pm there will only be one line to get in and we will begin to sell tickets until the event sells out. You are welcome to leave, but you will have to go to the end of the line to get back in. The first year we had a line down the block. Our second year we had no line at all! We have no way to predict how many folks will come so just get there before 6pm and everything will be coming up Millhouse.

Why are you having it at Mezzanine? Why do you keep changing venues?

We keep changing venues – cuz we want the BEST pride party EVER! Its been challenging trying to find a venue that we can afford, that fits 1200+ attendees, and that has an outdoor space. This will be the second year Mezzanine will be hosting this event – and last year was a blast! In addition to the block party outside, we are going to have a second stage simultaneously happening inside with DJs and live performances, and its all located super close to Market street, the city’s Pride festivities, and public transportation.

I didn’t get a presale ticket! Can I still come?

Of course – you are the party planner on the go! We will have a limited number of tickets available starting at 3pm until we are full (we will be holding spots for all presale ticket holders from 3pm – 6pm).

What time does it start and end?

DOORS OPEN AT 3PM. The party ends at 11pm. The block party will end at 8pm, at which point our live music will start inside.

Will there be ins and outs?

Between 3pm – 6pm we will have ins and outs. After 6pm, you can leave but have to get back in line to get in. We have no way of knowing if the line will be 2 people deep or 200. 

I’m hungry – will you have food?

YES – we are hungry too! You are in the middle of an oasis of tasty restaurants! We are also in the process of booking a food truck for our hungry guests.

Is there parking?

No and don’t drive. Its pride – get a hotel, take a homobile (private queer car service), hail a cab, take the BART, walk, bike, or ANYTHING but drive on Pride!

What if  the event sells out?

The event WILL sell out. To guarantee your entry – purchase a presale ticket and arrive early. If you buy a pre sale ticket, we will save you a spot in the event. We will also have tickets available at the door on a first come, first serve basis.

I want to tell ALL my friends about this beautiful event, is it on facebook?

Totes. There’s a Facebook invite up for you to do just that! 

If I buy a ticket to this event, how probable is it that I will get laid?

100% Guaranteed.

How can I DJ or perform at your Pride Party?

You can’t! Not cuz we don’t want you to, but because we already booked it. But if you wanted to in the future, contact and we’ll see what we can do.

What are you wearing?

Something slutty. Something hot. Something hairy. Just wear something that will bring out your eyes, your confidence and yr amazing personality.

How much does it cost?

$15-$25 depending on when you buy your ticket. $30 day of event.  That includes two stages worth of entertainment, over 8 DJs, a live performance by a LEGENDARY POST PUNK BAND, and HELLA GAY SWEAT. But the memories you’ll make, priceless.

Why is it $25? Aren’t you guys rich by now?

Unfortunately, we are not writing this FAQ in our mountain home playing dress up with Chloe Sevigny while Beyonce makes her famous spaghetti sauce in our organic kitchen. While we LOVE our monthly party at the divey El Rio, we want to GO BIG for Pride and challenge ourselves as event producers to create sustainable large scale community based events. We are stepping up the event in direct correlation to how much more we are asking you to pay for the event. Live performances, hella DJs, lights camera action – all of it costs more cash. With that said, if you are strapped for cash and that $25 will make or break your attendance, shoot us an email ( and we can try to work something out thru volunteering or trade or who knows what!

I want to become an official Hard French Pride partner. Is it too late? 

Who knows – shoot us an email and we’ll let you know,



Mezzanine is located a hop, skip and a jump away from the epicenter of Pride, which is located in Civic Center. To get there, just cruise down Market Street, head south on 6th Street and hang a left on Jessie Alley. We’re at the end right next to Mint Plaza!

If you’re coming from BART, get off at Powell Street Station head down 5th Street and take a stroll through Mint Plaza. We’re right there!

If yr still confused, Mezzanine has a map on their website.

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