Hard French is an outdoor daytime soul music dance party that sets out to modernize, takeover, revamp, trick out, revive, and do up the dance party experience. Their crew consists of producer Devon Devine, art directors Jorge P. and Tim T., and DJs Brown Amy and Carnita. The event brings a fresh perspective to the SF party scene – focusing on a genuine experience through creativity, magic and the value of dancing your heart out to your favorite song. Hard French was most recently awarded ‘Best Monthly Party’ from the California Music and Culture Association and also has ‘Best in SF’ awards from the SF Bay Guardian, SF Weekly and Asterisk Magazine.

You can also find us on the Facebooks and the Instagrams.

Who is the Hard French Crew?

The Hard French Crew is made up of five friends who wanted to create a space to bring their communities together to eat, drink and dance (hard).  The crew consists of event producer Devon Devine, art directors Jorge P. and Timothy Strong and DJs Brown Amy and Carnita.

Hard French Crew, Winter Ball 2013. Photo by Shot in the City

Hard French Crew, Winter Ball 2013.
Photo by Shot in the City

Why Hard French?

Why not!?  The name Hard French represents our ideas behind creating a good party – do it HARD.  The philosophy behind the name of the party is to inspire folks to let loose, dance it out, and make out with babes.

Hard French Hearts Community

We have a deep commitment to giving back to the community that supports us. From our monthly photobooths that benefit local organizations to our larger scale fundraising events, we are proud to say we have given back over 50k to our community in the past 4 years. Some highlighted beneficiaries include the Bradley Manning Support Network, June Jordan School for Equity, Dolores Street Community Services, Fresh Meat Productions, Black Salt Collective, Harvey Milk Club, San Francisco Mime Troupe, Queer Rock Camp and the Civilian-Soldier Alliance.

Hard French partners with other organizations for museum nights, street fairs and community events. Some highlighted event partnerships include San Francisco Academy of Sciences, Noise Pop Music Festival, Folsom Street Fair, and San Francisco Dyke March.

French Safer Baby

  • Hate/shaming of any kind are not welcome at our parties. The safety of QTPOC will always be our main concern.
  • Practice consent. Do not touch anyone without their permission. “But I’m gay” or “I’m really drunk” are not excuses, you will be kicked out.
  • Mind your primos. If your buddy is a mess, help them out. If you see someone is alone and needs help, let us know.
  • We have Narcan.
  • We love your safety. If you feel unsafe or see something is off — do not hesitate to contact a HF crew members, our door person, bar security, or bar staff.

You can always reach as at info@hardfrench.com if you have any concerns before or after an event.


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