(note – this FAQ is specific to the Winter Ball — if you have any other questions or to ask one of the crew members out on a hottt date email us directly at

The 2013 Royals. Photo by Shot in the City.

The 2013 Royals. Photo by Shot in the City.

What is Hard French?
GOOD TIMES! We’re an all-vinyl 60’s soul dance party experience. Here’s the long version of what we have to say about ourselves.

What is the Winter Ball?
It’s our weekend Winter semi-formal getaway by the sea. Here’s some more info about this year’s and some photos from last year.

What time does it start and end?
The party starts at 9. GET THERE EARLY TO AVOID LINES! The event ENDS at 1AM. 

Ok, you guys seem cool and babes go to yr events. I’m ready… how do I buy tickets and how much does it cost?
Wow – thanks for the compliment! Right now tickets are $25 and you can buy them online! We are currently in the process of setting up ticket sales at a local retail store in Santa Cruz (Pure Pleasure Shop, 204 Church St.) and San Francisco where you can purchase them for $20. BTW – if you buy your ticket by February 7th, you’ll be entered to win a free hotel room at Hotel Paradox.

Hard French Crew. Winter Ball 2012. Photo by Shot in the City.

Hard French Crew. Winter Ball 2012. Photo by Shot in the City.

Where can I stay?
Hotel Paradox! They are offering a Hard French room rate at $135 or an upgrade that includes breakfast vouchers, late check out and a room with a view for just $145, just click here to reserve it online or call 831.425.7100 by February 7th to get the reduced room rate. The room rate applies to the nights of February 21st, 22nd and 23rd, cuz if yr gonna party you might as well party all weekend. BTW if you reserve a room by February 7th, you’ll be entered to win a FREE ROOM, and if you buy your ticket by then, you’ll be entered TWICE and double yr chances. Note that as our host hotel, it is not within close walking distance to the venue so you’ll probably have to call a taxi to get there and back.

I don’t have a car – how do I get there?
That’s a really good question!

1.) We’ve partnered with Zipcar who are offering a $10 driving credit to all Winter Ball ticket holders! Once you buy a ticket, your confirmation email will tell you how to redeem it. If you don’t have an account, they are also offering up discounted memberships at

2.) If you can’t Zippy, yr best bet is to post something on the wall of our facebook page, bribe a friend, or try and find us a cheap ass school bus (we’re not joking – if you have one, email us at

Hard French_2014  PrintFlat_OLWhat if  the event sells out?
The event will sell out. So get your ticket now! We also understand and sympathize with procrastinators, so we will have a limited number of tickets available at the door for $30.

What kind of music will you play?
60’s soul — think Motown, James Brown and lots of amazing artists you haven’t heard of who will make you shake — all on 45’s. Here’s a mix that our DJ’s made to give you a taste. NOTE: 60’s soul does not mean Beyonce. We love B, (trust us, we LOVE B), but please don’t request her or come expecting to hear music made after 1969. 

What is the House of MORE! and why are they performing?

House of MORE! is one of San Francisco’s most significant and infamous Drag Queen families. Living legend Glamamore is one third of the weekly drag/dance party SOMETHING, and the only performer to grace the Winter Ball stage four years in a row.

Glamamore performing at the first Winter Ball.

Glamamore performing at the first Winter Ball.

Her daughter, Juanita MORE!, has a queer SF empire that includes the weekly dance party, Booty Call Wednesdays, Beat Pig, and her widely successful yearly Pride Parties. In addition, Glama’s daughters and grandaughters – Dulce de Leche and Vivvyanne Forevermore (also of SOMETHING and so much more) will have featured performances. The MORE! family is a great inspiration for Hard French, and we are thrilled to be able to feature them as our live performers this year.

I want to tell ALL my friends about this beautiful event, is it on facebook?
Totes. Click here for the facebook invite. 

How can I become the King and/or Queen of Hard French?
Good question! It’s pretty easy — all the info you need to know about it is right here. We take nominations from the public, the folks with the most nominations make our court, and everyone at the event votes for King and Queen!

Do I have to be a boy to be the King of Hard French?
Do we look like the gender binary system police?

If I buy a ticket to this event, how probable is it that I will get laid?
100% Guaranteed.

How can I DJ or perform at the Winter Ball?
You can’t! Not cuz we don’t want you to, but because we already booked it. But if you want to in the future, contact and we’ll see what we can do.


Cocoanut Grove Ballroom, Winter Ball 2012.

What are you wearing?
Cannot be described. Prepare to have your mind blown. Your concept of beauty, style and class is about to change forever. Formal attire encouraged but not required.

I want to donate a prize to the Winter Ball! Is it too late?
That’s so cool of you! We’ll always take gifts and distribute them wisely — to the Hard French King and Queen or to our attendees as door prizes… your gift will be super appreciated. Just email us at!

Why are you doing this?
Don’t be scared.

I don’t have a car, how can I get there?
See above… you will need to find your own way there but if you own a schoolbus, contact us!

Where the F is this place?
RIGHT ON THE FUCKING BOARDWALK!!! Its seriously pretty cool, check out the history of it here. Sonny and Cher played there, and now you will dance there. 

How long does it take to drive there?
Depends how fast you drive. Two hours or less. But you know you’re stopping at In n Out.

What do you mean its on the boardwalk?
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk BABY! We mean you can ride a roller coaster, eat a funnel cake, take an old timey picture and then come party with us all in the same spot. There’s an arcade too!

Is there food there?
We won’t be providing food so plan ahead! There are plenty of restaurants in Santa Cruz, treat yoself. 

Is there a bar (I really want to do a shot of tequila with a babe)?
The Cocoanut Grove has a beautiful full service bar and will also have a satellite bar serving a limited selection of tasty beer n boozies.

Can I go swimming?
This is America and the Ocean IS right there… if you decide to take a dip in the water, just make sure to tag us on Instagram.

What’s so cool about this Cocoanut Grove place?
It’s hard to describe if you haven’t been to it — but basically — its MAGICAL. The vintage setting, the grand ballroom, the ocean, the boardwalk, the rich history, it is all going to culminate into an awesome event for the Winter Ball!

I wanna get drunk, is there a way to get around without driving?
Yes – WALK. DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE. There are PLENTY of hotels and motels within a safe walking distance.

Ok. I got my ticket to the event. I got my ride confirmed. I even got a dress and asked a hot BABE to my date and they said HELL YAH BRO! So now — WHERE AM I GOING TO SLEEP!?

Hotel Paradox is our host hotel, and you can get some cheap room rates if you make a reservation by February 7th (click here to reserve a room). Otherwise, Check out this fancy list of hotels ….all numbers in the 831 area code. Call first, some of these places might be closed down cuz we are too busy eating pizza and binge watching Scandal to double check each one.

Aqua Breeze ~ 426-7878 (204 2nd St.)
Carousel Motel ~ 425-7090 (110 Riverside Ave)
Casa Blanca Inn ~ 423-1570 (101 Main St.)
Cliff Crest B&B ~ 458-2609 (407 Cliff St.)
Comfort Inn ~ 471-9999 (314 Riverside Ave.)
Darling House B&B ~ 458-1958 (314 W. Cliff Dr.)
Econo Lodge ~ 425-3626 (550 2nd St.)
Edgewater Beach Motel ~ 423-0440 (525 2nd St.)
Riverside Inn ~ 426-2899 (505 Riverside Ave.)
Riviera Travelodge ~ 423-9515 (619 Riverside Ave.)
Santa Cruz Beach Inn ~ 458-9660 (600 Riverside Ave.)
Santa Cruz Dream Inn ~ 425-4330 (175 W. Cliff Dr.)
Sea & Sand Inn ~ 427-3400 (201 W. Cliff Dr.)
Seaway Inn ~ 471-9004 (176 W. Cliff Dr.)
Super 8 ~ 426-3707 (338 Riverside Ave.)
Torch-Lite Inn ~ 425-7575 (500 Riverside Ave.)

Why is it so expensive? Aren’t you guys rich by now?
Unfortunately, we are not writing this FAQ at the beach house we share with Olivia Pope and Associates. While we LOVE our monthly party at the divey El Rio, we want to GET FANCY for the Winter Ball. We are stepping up the event in direct correlation to how much more we are asking you to pay for the event. That means performers, that means lights, that means special surprises! With that said, if you are hella strapped for cash and that $25 will make or break your attendance, shoot us an email and we can try to work something out thru volunteering or trade or who knows what!