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And the 2014 Hard French Winter Ball Royal Nominees Are…

Hard French Winter Ball 2014 Royal Nominees

Holy smokes, Hard French!  Every year I wonder just like you who’s going to rise to be the cream of our crop and then as I watch the kind words pour in I get totally smitten with all of our nominees!  Cheese alert: they’re all already winners to me!  But lez be real: we don’t live in a total love fest yet (capitalism etc is over if you want it!) so there can only be ONE set of royalty — you must be present at the ball to vote, so if you want to see your heroes win, you better GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

Once again, all of the final nominees have chosen community beneficiaries that they’re running on behalf of (it’s like celebrity reality TV) — the winners will each have CASH MONEY to the org/project of their choice.  (And you can help chip in to those donations by visiting the photobooth and coat check, or by making a donation when you buy your tickets!!!)

Of course, we want our winners to also walk away with more than just our adoration and the satisfaction of helping out the community, so we’re showering them with treats from local sponsors: Adobe BooksBoogaloosMoon Zoom (Santa Cruz!), Paxton GateThe Picnic Basket (Santa Cruz!), Pure Pleasure (Santa Cruz!), Rooky Ricardo’s RecordsRickshaw BagworksSaturn Cafe (Santa Cruz!), and Virgil’s Sea Room.  And they each get a free Season Pass to Hard French.  This is REAL.

So, keep cool and carry on and read about your nominees in alphabetical order (with queens first because we know they’re most important!) and the wonderful projects they’re supporting!

Like XO,
Lil Miss Hot Mess

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irisIris Lena Triska

Seven-word self summary: Pacific Northwest Queer Nightlife Photographer

Why I want to be queen: It’s probably just my Saturn-return-quarter-life Crisis but I really want to have PROM NIGHT again, this time surrounded by my cute queer community that has made SF feel like home.

Beneficiary:  I really believe strongly in the model of the St. James Infirmary as it is the only health clinic in the United States providing unique healthcare and social services to Sex Workers while also promoting community-based public heath initiatives on behalf of Sex Workers everywhere.

Words from friends: “Iris has the most genuine smile that makes anyone lucky enough to receive it feel at home. The special thing is that she makes everyone feel that. She honestly is the sweetest girl that never stops making strangers to close friends feel at ease and giggle. She also spends every spare moment with her 3 year old niece and volunteers her free-lance photography business to queer events all around the bay area from Santa Cruz to Oakland to San Francisco. She has helped start queer events and maintained outreach to rural communities that would otherwise never know of safe places to make likeminded friendships while dancing.”

kittyKitty Von Quim

Seven-word self summary: Bodacious bouncing burlesque babe

Why I want to be queen: I want to represent all of the joy that Hard French has brought me as a performer and dancer. And besides, what’s better than a fat kid being told she’s a queen?

Beneficiary:  Pink Light Burlesque offers free burlesque classes to those who have survived or in treatment for breast cancer, giving them the opportunity to love the bodies that they’ve been fighting against.

Words from friends: “She is one of the most passionate, creative, fun, sweet hearted human beings you could ever have the pleasure to know. Also, she is so damn adorable.”  “She is so damn radiant!!! Always smiling and sparkling. She’s so positive and her go go dancing, and burlesque performances are sexy as hell. She changes the whole atmosphere of the room she is fierce and fabulous. Her art is always impeccable! Virgo hottie for the win!!!!”

rachelRachel Little Gem

Seven-word self summary: School-Teacher-Drag-Queen-Wannabe

Why I want to be queen: As Groucho Marx once said, “I’d never want to be Queen of any, er, prom that would nominate someone like me to their court…” or something like that. But he clearly hadn’t met the Hard French family, or he would have been pushing other gals down the stairs to nab that crown.

Beneficiary:  St. James Infirmary offers services to people that often have to fight to be heard, seen and given the respect they deserve. Sex workers are a part of our community, and healthcare is a human right.

Words from friends: “She embodies what’s good about SF, loves children and moves like she’s at HF every moment of her life.”  “Thoughtful, patient, beautiful, kind, brilliant, fierce, best dress up clothes, friend through thick and thin ride or die, trust her with my life, top choice person to take if stranded on a desert island, a maverick, a gem.”

shugga“Shugga” Shay Franco-Clausen

Seven-word self summary: Living my life likes it’s golden

Why I want to be queen: I think I live that example for the community, I dance my tail off, and ALWAYS doing something for a great cause to help others, I am IN!

Beneficiary:  My wife (nominee Yolanda-Franco Clausen!) and I started PLAYNICE Productions, hosting events to raise capital for our services in the community. We offer our time, efforts, skills, leadership, education, social awareness, rehabilitation to our youth in the Bay Area, through bringing folks together. We want to really get our services to anyone, no matter their economic background — change starts when we make it a priority.

Words from friends: “No one on this Earth has a bigger heart than Shay. She thinks if herself last, putting the needs if the less fortunate, the community (volunteers at the YMCA, and feeds the homeless during the holidays). Proud mom of 3, her and Yo combine forces for a healthy, responsible and loving relationship and family focused home that the rest of us can only attempt to measure up to. Shay is heart led leadership.”  “Not just preaches ‘playing nice’ but she lives it every single day!! She might not be rich and famous but you’d never know that by the way people love her in our community and the blessings she makes happen for others on a regular basis!”

taraTara Wrist

Seven-word self summary: Palestinian Bearded She-wolf of the Arabian Peninsula

Why I want to be queen: To spread more loving positive energy to the community and empower people to be whoever they are and to give more hugs!

Beneficiary:  Providing visibility and resources for LGBTQ SWANA (SouthWest Asian/North African) Community has always been important to me.  I fully believe in the BibiSF Mission Statement:  BibiSF, a collective of Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer and Gender Non-Conforming people of Middle Eastern North African decent, who aim to liberate our people through self-determination, visibility, and celebrating community.

Words from friends: “Tara performs her art [mostly] for charity events. She goes out of her way to help with numerous non-profit events and I have personally followed her for an entire weekend while she performs in up to 6 locations. Devoted, heart-felt, and gracious being who is more than deserving of the Hard French Winter Queen title.”  “She’s elegant and trashy. She’s stunning and shocking. She’s loyal like a dog but a don’t get it twisted she’s nothing but purebred. She’ll be your ride or die when those trash talking bitches are coming your way. She’ll cut a hoe or be your backup and hold your purse, nails, hoops, weave and baby till you tag her in. She a FIERCE BITCH!!!”

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adanAdan Aburto

Seven-word self summary: I know god is love, but satan does that thing I like with his tongue

Why I want to be king: I feel that Hard French does a great job of bring people together from the whole gender and sexual orientation spectrum at its parties (creates community). It is my gay nature to create community (and to party).

Beneficiary:  I know several people in our extended community that have benefited from the AIDS Emergency Fund grants, myself included. This is great opportunity to give back.

Words from friends: “One of the sweetest, sexiest queer men to walk the face of the Earth ever! Smart, sassy, always ready for a good time or to lend a helping hand. I once saw him give mouth to mouth to a complete stranger, until paramedics arrived and pronounced the man dead. He then cried for hours that he wasn’t able to save the dude, and that the man was gone.  Selfless.  Also, he’s cultured, all about community, well-traveled, and looks equally beautiful in a tuxedo or a ball gown.”  “He embodies, togetherness, adventure, style and community. A regal presence who whole heartedly deserves the love and acknowledgment of his sparkling peers. A king strives to bring people together, and he is a cosmic world-bridger among us.”

cabureCabure Bonugli (Shot in the City)

Seven-word self summary: Your photographer this evening

Why I want to be king: The people have spoken… I’m just following up!

Beneficiary:  I support Project Open Hand because I pick up food for a couple of friends who can’t make it to POH and they really need those services.

Words from friends: “Cabure deserves the title of King for all he brings to Hard French. His presence both physically and via the internet (through Shot in the City) has created a branding for Hard French that is unique and visually rich.”

christopherChristopher Russell

Seven-word self summary: Designer & Socialite. I love to have a good time and San Francisco is my latest stomping ground

Why I want to be king: Why wouldn’t I want the honor of being recognized for my giving spirit and sickening personality? It’s about standing out from the rest of the pack.

Beneficiary:  I support Dress for Success because it does more than just provide clothing.  It is the opportunity for people to feel like people again and transition back into work life, back into a home of their own and have access to amazing services.

Words from friends:  “When he first moved here he didn’t realize the way the city works or how we did things but he quickly adapted without sacrificing who he really was/is as a person. Christopher makes everyone feel special when he’s around and brings people closer together than ever imagined.  Heres where it gets sentimental: he would stash food around the city for the homeless people that he knew were trying to better their situation. He speaks to them and shakes hands, he says that when you shake someones hand that its a sign of respect and it shows them that you do care and you are listening. He looks like a diva bitch but he’s honestly the most shy sweetheart you will ever meet. Christopher is brave and smiles even when he is really crying inside. He is selfless because he doesn’t brag, no one really knows what he does.”

micaMica Sigourney

Seven-word self summary: Fag, Drags, Ready set go.

Why I want to be king: I want to be “officailly” popular, my worth is TIED TO THIS CROWN/TITLE.

Beneficiary:  CounterPULSE is a radical performance space that is trying to acquire a new building, and its super important to make sure spaces for artists can stay in this city, especially in this housing plague and shifting cultural landscape.

Words from friends: “Community superstar, wonderful and talented artist.”  “I love him to the end of times.”  “Duh.”

yolandaYolanda Franco-Clausen

Seven-word self summary: Youth fitness instructor, bartender, parent, and wife.

Why I want to be king: I feel that a lot of our community already looks at my wife (nominee “Shugga” Shay Franco-Clausen) and I as great examples. I want to be the King to continue solidifying that and show how we contribute to the community on an even more broad scale.

Beneficiary:  We are supporting PlayNice Productions because it is our own. We are heavily involved with the youth and our community. We would make sure that the money funded our free youth basketball clinic we are holding.

Words from friends: “Why is Yolanda amazing? Well she’s kind, thoughtful, thinks of others, gives back to youth and community, is an amazing parent, wife and friend….I always see all the kind gestures she does for her wife Shay…super cute! She knows the stress Shay goes under trying to help EVERYONE she can, so Yolanda takes the time to do small things that make Shay smile during moments of craziness.” “Hardest working, loyal, and loving stud, who took on an amazing woman (Shay) with 3 kids and would die to provide for them. She is a basketball coach, and helped feed homeless during the holidays. Yolanda is the epitome of a prototypical butch that every femme dreams of and every butch wants to be like. Respect for her is an understatement.”

Nominate Your 2014 Hard French Winter Ball King & Queen

The 2013 Royals. Photo by Shot in the City.

The 2013 Royals. Photo by Shot in the City.

OMG you guys, it’s time to once again make two of our very own feel so special it hurts!  As per usual, we’re looking for royals who are not only badass bootie-shakers but also passionate about their projects, be they art, politics, community, or beyond!  Who are your hometown heroes who give their all to our fabulous communities?

Of course, we love to shower our royal court with gifts from our local partners, a Hard French Season Pass, and we’ll once again be donating cold hard cash to the community beneficiaries of their choice.  Prizes include goodies from:

So what are you waiting for?  Nominate your sexiest sweethearts stat!  (And get your tickets while you’re at it!)

(Nomination form and official rules after the jump.)

Love you like XO,
Lil Miss Hot Mess



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Hard French Los Angeles


Hard French LA

Saturday September 14th, 2013
3pm – 8pm
Verdugo Bar (3408 Verdugo Rd.), Los Angeles
$8 includes dancing and cruising

yr Hard French DJs:
DJ Carnita & DJ Brown Amy
Spinning the baddest all-vinyl girl group grooves, northern soul stunners and funky foot stompers this side of the ’60s

special guests:
DJ Nick Waterhouse


Hostess Ambrosia Salad

Hard French is beside ourselves excited for our LA Eastside return with an outdoor afternoon dance party at Verdugo Bar in Glassell Park. We will be reconnecting with two of our longtime San Francisco friends who have recently relocated to LA: guest DJ Nick Waterhouse, known from the success of his freshman album, Time’s All Gone and event hostess and drag mistress Ambrosia Salad. Expect all of the usual Hard French fixins’ plus even greater run of Verdugo’s spacious back patio with extra satellite bars, expanded smoking section, two tasty food trucks and even more staffing behind their craft-beer stocked bar.

Did you miss Hard French the first time around? Then check out these photos c/o Shot in the City from our April party.


Hard French Hearts Local Businesses! We are excited to be partnering with the hybrid retail store and graphic design studio Otherwild, in Echo Park! Stop by and pick up an outfit for HFLA at 1932 Echo Park Ave (@ Duane St.).


What is Hard French?

Hard French is an outdoor daytime soul music dance party that sets out to modernize, takeover, revamp, trick out, revive, and do up the dance party experience. Their crew consists of producer Devon Devine, art directors Jorge P. and Tim T., and DJs Brown Amy and Carnita. The event brings a fresh perspective to the SF party scene – focusing on a genuine experience through creativity, magic and the value of dancing your heart out to your favorite song. Hard French was most recently awarded ‘Best Monthly Party’ from the California Music and Culture Association and also has ‘Best in SF’ awards from the SF Bay Guardian, SF Weekly and Asterisk Magazine.







RYE RYE Hard French After Party

Hard French Presents

A VERY special AFTER PARTY featuring:





9PM 15$ PRE SALE/ 20$ DOOR


161 ERIE

Live Performances by:

RYE RYE (baltimore)

MICAHTRON (san francisco)

DJ Sets by:


DJ  OLGA T (oakland)


Photobooth by:


Hard Dancing. Hard Cruising. Hard French.


Another Hard French Hearts Los Homos means another batch of fantastic small business partners who are helping us to make this event possible! Hard French hearts the opportunity to work with different local businesses each year to help us produce our large-scale community events like Pride. We’d like to take a minute to thank our partners and to let you know a little bit about why we love them so.


Our favorite Mission shop where you can peruse through an amazing and occasionally audacious selection of men’s and women’s vintage clothing as well as rocks, gems, minerals, jewelry and gifts recently celebrated it’s 2nd Birthday! If you are at a loss for last-second Pride looks then search no further than this radical queer-owned, operated and staffed store on 20th and Valencia. Also, basically, you, me and everyone we know will be wearing Stone Pony bought outfits and vibing off their woo-laden crystals so don’t be left out.


The fabulous Tricia Gillespie’s pie in the sky dream of opening her own brick and mortar aesthetics business is coming true before our eyes! The Tidy Shoppe will be your must-visit location for everything from waxings of yr sexy parts to one-of-a-kind custom body art. You can even get yourself all tidied up at Pride because Tricia will be there doing airbrush body art at Hard French Hearts Los Homos. Donate to their Indie Go Go to help the Shoppe open its doors!


Browntourage rocks so hard for doing this exclusive interview with Magic Mouth for us. In addition they have a blog, made to order tshirts, and events which showcase the artists they feature on their website! Also, they are pretty much the baddest brownest babe duo in the whole Bay Area. What’s not to love?


The Bay Guardian is pretty much the only print paper that Hard French trusts for a no-BS take on the issues and events that are really important in San Francisco. For the third year in a row we are excited to kick-off Pride with the Guardian at their Pullin’ Pork for Pride Happy Hour at our favorite Castro patio bar, the Pilsner.  We are upping the ante at this year’s party with hostess Lil’ Miss Hot Mess and performances by by Dick Van Dick, Tara Wrist and Rotimi Agbabiaka — did we mention there is free pork? Because there is.


Being a Zipcar member gives us the freedom of choice and do we ever choose! Our favorite car sharing service lets us put on a different set of wheels every time we leave the house. You may see a Hard Frencher scooting around town in a convertible mini cooper or working some butch realness in a Tacoma pickup. Variety is the spice of life and Zipcar keeps things spicy.



This year the committee that organizes the official Pride celebration named Private Manning their Grand Marshal, only to retract it 48 hours later. Pride marks an anniversary of brave queers fighting for their rights at the historical Stonewall Riots in NYC on June 28th, 1969, many of them going to jail for what they believe in. Private Manning also spoke out about the truth, and June 1st will mark Manning’s third year in prison and the start of their military trial. Hard French will celebrate Pride in Manning’s honor. Since the Board of the SF Pride Committee, the organization that supposedly celebrates the beginning of the gay liberation movement , does not feel Manning is a leader of the people, Hard French will honor Manning as our Grand Marshal. WE ARE PRIDE, and we dedicate this event to Private Manning, raising awareness about their trial, and honoring the legacies of all queer freedom fighting by queer GI resisters and queer political prisoners.

100% of the donations received at the photobooth, and a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to the Bradley Manning Support Network. To find out more information on Manning or how to get involved, please visit these links:

Bradley Manning Support Network
UK Guardian Article about Manning and Pride
The Iraq Veterans Against the War/Civilian-Soldier Alliance SF Chapters Joint Statement


Hard French Hearts Los Homos

An intergalactic Pride party for all the gayliens who love to dance in outer space.

Pride Sunday June 30th, 2013
4pm – 11pm
Roccapulco (3140 Mission St)
21+ Only Event
Buy Tickets: $15 (early pre sale), $20 (regular pre sale), $65 (day pass with benefits)
Facebook RSVP

DJ Carnita & Brown Amy

Spinning the baddest all vinyl girl group grooves, northern soul stunners and funky foot stompers this side of the 60s

live performances by:
THEESatisfaction (Seattle)
Funk-psychedelic feminista sci-fi babes that evoke equal parts Elaine Brown, Ursula, Rucker and Q-Tip


Magic Mouth (Portland)
Queer post-punkers with soulful vocals that will have you clapping, smiling and rocking out into deep space.


Midtown Social (SF)
Nine high-energy locals playing tightly-grooved, heartfelt, and original soul-stepping anthems


Special guest DJs:
DJ Olga T (Good Times, Oakland)
DJ Taco Tuesday (I Heart Cochinas Tongas, SF)

As Always:
the Hard French Jiggalicious Drag Babes
Drag Babes shakin it down and making you move
Dulce De Leche
Alotta Boutte
Grace Towers
Kitty Von Quim
Rotimi Agbabiaka

our Infamous Photobooth/Fundraiser
Photobooth will benefit the Bradley Manning Support Network.

About the Venue
For decades Roccapulco has been the heart of San Francisco’s salsa music scene, playing host to legends like Celia Cruz and Tito Puente. Hard French is thrilled to bring our special brand of queer to this historic and amazing space. Speaking of the space – it is HUGE with tons of tables and booths, 2 balconies a giant dancefloor and one of the city’s best sound systems.

Hard French stands in solidarity with Private Manning.

This year the committee that organizes the official Pride celebration named Private Manning their Grand Marshal, only to retract it 48 hours later. Pride marks an anniversary of brave queers fighting for their rights at the historical Stonewall Riots in NYC on June 28th, 1969, many of them going to jail for what they believe in. Private Manning also spoke out about the truth, and June 1st will mark Manning’s fourth year in prison and the start of their military trial. Hard French will celebrate Pride in Manning’s honor. Since the Board of the SF Pride Committee, the organization that supposedly celebrates the beginning of the gay liberation movement , does not feel Manning is a leader of the people, Hard French will honor Manning as our Grand Marshal. WE ARE PRIDE, and we dedicate this event to Private Manning, raising awareness about their trial, and honoring the legacies of all queer freedom fighting by queer GI resisters and queer political prisoners.

100% of the donations received at the photobooth, and a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to the Bradley Manning Support Network. To find out more information on Manning or how to get involved, please visit these links:

Bradley Manning Support Network
UK Guardian Article about Manning and Pride

Hard French DJs at Public Works Presents: MISSION UNITED


Public Works is rallying some of its favorite co-conspirators from all around the Mission for a night of Food, Art, Sounds, Styles and Philanthropy. Mission United aims to bring the diversity and creativity of our favorite neighborhood under one roof for a night of community celebration. Always looking for ways to give back to the community, Public Works will be donating the proceeds to both the San Francisco Community Music Center, Mission Graduates and San Francisco Goodwill. In addition to being beneficiaries of the event, Goodwill will be hosting the “Goodwill Lounge,” showcasing some of the amazing fashion and unique treasures to be found in their stores. While you peruse the Goodwill gems and bask in local art and food, we welcome you to enjoy the sounds from some of San Francisco’s best DJ crews. Shake your hips to the scratchy 45′s of Hard French. Move your feet to the funky soul from the Motown on Mondays gang. Nod your head to the eclectic hip hop vibes of Grown Kids Radio and let your freak flag fly with the ladies from Stay Gold, Mancub & Cap’n Kirk from the Space Cowboys, Melyss from Opel and Mission stalwarts DJ Theory, Roost Uno, plus a host of wandering minstrels and performers. This night promises to be a raucous reminder of everything you love about San Francisco’s most happenin’ hood.

And because we always have your well-being in mind, we are going to have a plethora of discounts and goodies for you. Admission is free for all who donate clothing before 930pm
The first 100 donating clothing after 930 receive their choice of either a free drink or a free movie pass.


Saturday May 25, 2013 at Public Works 161 Erie Street, San Francisco.
8PM – 3AM
Tickets: $5 at the door before 11pm / $10 after
Presale: $5
Ticketing:  http://ticketf.ly/18rQxmp
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/100389106833570/
Ages 21+

About Goodwill :
The Goodwill Mission : We create solutions to poverty through the businesses we operate.We open doorways to jobs for local people in need. Goodwill
provides structured on-the-job training, life skills coaching, and employment opportunities to people ready to transform their lives. Called The Goodwill Way,
our proven method moves people from hopelessness and dependency to confidence and stability through the power of work. We focus on people coming
out of prison, off the streets, and out of addiction – the chronically unemployed for whom Goodwill is often a last hope. We help many migrate from public
assistance to paycheck, become self-sufficient, and take part in supporting their families and communities.
More than 80% of our revenue comes selling goods generously donated by residents of San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin Counties. We operate 33
donation sites, 21 stores, an eCommerce business, and a salvage operation – staffed primarily by people participating in our job training programs. (The
balance of our revenue comes from grants and philanthropy, including individual gifts)


About San Francisco Community Music Center:
With branches in the Mission and Richmond districts, as well as programs throughout the city, Community Music Center makes music accessible to people
of all ages, musical levels, and financial backgrounds. Our students range in age from one to 90+ years old and enjoy classes in everything from Western
classical to Chinese to Latin Music. Founded in 1921, Community Music Center is the Bay Area’s oldest community arts organization and San Francisco’s
largest provider of high quality, affordable music education. From our teachers to our office staff, we’re all committed to sharing our love of music and
helping our students succeed.


About Mission Graduates :
Mission Graduates is a nonprofit organization that increases the number of K-12 students in San Francisco’s Mission District who are prepared for and complete a college education. For 40 years, Mission Graduates (MG) has been an important institution in San Francisco’s Mission District–an ethnically mixed, low-income community, where per capita income is just $13,951. Mission Graduates (then called St. John’s Educational Thresholds Center) was first created by members of St. John’s the Episcopal church, as a tutorial program for under-performing neighborhood children.In late 2006, after an extensive assessment of its historic strengths as an organization, Mission Graduates strengthened its commitment to getting more kids from the neighborhood into college as a means to achieve economic equity and strengthen the fabric of the Mission community. College education as an “end goal” is a theme that is woven through all of our academic enrichment programs serving low-income youth in the Mission District, the majority of whom are Latino. This population is greatly under-represented at four-year colleges due to a variety of factors, including little household expectation for going to college, a lack of information about financial aid, concerns about residency status, and over-taxed high school counselors.We work towards fulfilling our mission through a wide range of K-12 after-school, in-school and summer programs that reach over 1,100 children, youth and families each year.




a saturday afternoon soul music dance party

April 6th, 2pm – 8pm
$7 – dancing and cruising
3pm – 4pm: $1 beers
3pm – 5pm: free BBQ until its all gone!

yr Hard French DJs:
DJ Carnita & DJ Brown Amy
Spinning the baddest all-vinyl girl group grooves, northern soul stunners and funky foot stompers this side of the ’60s

special guest DJ:
Beyonda (A Hole In My Soul — PDX)
Raised on Dirty South, Soul, Gospel and Memphis sounds DJ Beyonda has spent a decade traveling the US spinning her collection of rare, vintage Soul and Rhythm & Blues 45s.

“I’ve Got a Hole in My Soul,” her 6 year-old, ground-breaking monthly of late 50s-early 60s Soul, Rhythm & Blues, & early Rock n Roll 45s has achieved legendary status with heavyweight dj-collectors and “beautifully ecstatic dancers” around the country.

w/ the Hard French Jiggalicious Dance Babes
“Babes shakin it down and making you move.”

As Always:
**Hard French photo booth photographed by Shot In The City! (6pm – 8pm)**

All PHOTO BOOTH proceeds will benefit the Sick Collective. SICK is an artist-driven collective that aims to unite a community of artists who are simultaneously navigating chronic illness and gender-variant identities in the Bay Area and beyond.http://www.sickcollective.org/

Bridge HIV from the San Francisco Department of Public Health will be in attendance handing out information on their newest vaccines and studies.




a saturday afternoon soul music dance party

Our wild child is about to turn three and we can’t wait to celebrate with all of you babes who have made dance magic for the past three years! Get ready for lots of fun birthday surprises and Hard French staples as we kick off a new season of hard dancing and hard cruising.

March 2nd, 2pm – 8pm
$7 – dancing and cruising
3pm – 4pm: $1 beers
3pm – 5pm: free BBQ until its all gone!

yr Hard French DJs:
DJ Carnita & DJ Brown Amy
Spinning the baddest all-vinyl girl group grooves, northern soul stunners and funky foot stompers this side of the ’60s

special guest DJ:
Primo (Oldies Night)

w/ the Hard French Jiggalicious Dance Babes
“Babes shakin it down and making you move.”

As Always:
**Hard French photo booth created by Tommy Tuff and photographed by Shot In The City! (6pm – 8pm)**

–All PHOTO BOOTH proceeds will benefit the AIDS Lifecycle rides of HF friends Aaron Kantor and Sean Lackey


Hard French is for Lovers! Valentines Day NightLife at the CA Academy of Sciences

Join us for the perfect Valentines Day date at the California Academy of Sciences this Thursday night from 6-10pm! We <3 NIGHTLIFE and we <3 YOU so join us for Hard French tunes, a couples dance off and lots of Hard French surprises for you lovers out there. Buy your tickets, RSVP on Facebook & see more details below!


Celebrate Valentine’s Day and Beer Week in one fell swoop. Taste your way through a beer hall populated with the likes of Almanac Beer Co. (Biere de Chocolat, anyone?), Anchor Brewing, Anderson Valley Brewing Company, Drake’s Brewing, Lagunitas Brewing Company, Pac Brew Lab, and many more.

Center for Sex and Culture founders Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence will deliver fascinating talks in the Forum with guest Midori. In the East Pavilion, sample sweet treats from Whole Foods, make a good old fashioned valentine at SCRAP’s craft table, and stop by the Photoboof for posterity’s sake.

In the aquarium, enjoy “gold classics” being spun by Sweet Cheeks DJs Loco and Mawkus in the coral reef, and strike up a conversation about extreme mating in the animal kingdom while wandering through Animal Attraction. In the Piazza, Hard French DJs Carnita and Brown Amy will whip up a soul storm, topped with grown-up board games and a few surprises.

For details and tickets, please visit:

Party with us online!
Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/calacademy-nightlife
Follow us on Twitter: @calacademy_nl
Follow us on Do415: http://do415.com/Nightlife

NightLife takes place Thursday nights (6-10pm) at the California Academy of Sciences. Music, Creatures and Cocktails. 21+


Where To Buy Your Winter Ball Tickets

WHOA! You Did it Hard Frenchers!! We have officially reached our quota for online ticket sales. This is going to be GOOD!

Tickets are NOT SOLD OUT! You can visit these retail locations to purchase tickets (you will automatically be entered to win a free hotel room at Hotel Paradox in Santa Cruz, too!):

  • Hangr 16 (San Francisco): 3128 16th St (btwn Guerrero and Valencia), thru Friday February 1st.
  • Saturn Cafe (Santa Cruz): 145 Laurel Street,  thru Friday Februray 1st.

We’ll also have tickets available at these nightlife events (and one shopping party),  look for the Hard French sign!

  • Wednesday January 30th, Stay Gold, 10pm, Public Works (161 Erie Street, San Francisco)
  • Thursday January 31st, Hard French Hearts Stony Pony Shop In, Stone Pony (3552 20th St. btwn Mission and Valencia, San Francisco). Get your look for the Ball with the Stone Pony stylists!
  • Friday February 1st, SOMETHING Soul, , 10pm, the Stud (399 9th St., San Francisco)

Tickets will also be available at the Cocoanut Grove Box Office on February 2nd from 2pm – 5pm and when doors open at 9pm.

Remember to guarantee entry into the event – get your tickets early! See you at the ball!

xoxo the Hard French Crew


Your 2013 Hard French Winter Ball Queen & King Finalists


My goodness!  Once again, as your official Coronation Certification & Cat-Herding Coordinator, I am blown away by the love, talent, energy, and commitment in our community!  It is my utmost honor to present to you your official 2013 Hard French Winter Ball Court — and thank the stars I only have to count the votes, because I honestly don’t know who I’d vote for!  But remember, you must be present at the ball to vote, so if you want to see your friendsies win, you better get a ticket ASAP (online sales have ended, so they’re now available at select in-person locations and at the door — it is NOT sold out!!!).

As a reminder, this year’s finalists have each chosen community beneficiaries that they’re running on behalf of (sort of like Celebrity Apprentice but way cooler, and I think I’m prettier than Donald Trump!) — the winners will each have at least $250 donated to the org/project of their choice.  (And you can help raise those numbers by visiting the photobooth and coat check, which are being added to the kitty!)  Of course, we want our winners to also walk away with more than just our adoration and the satisfaction of helping out the community, so we’re showering them with treats from local sponsors: Rickshaw BagsAmoeba MusicSaturn CafeStone PonyIke’s SandwichesBoogaloosNick’s PizzaLexington ClubCourtney Trouble/Indie Porn Prize PackExtreme PizzaCalifornia Academy of SciencesHiTopsCafe Delmarette, and The Picnic Basket.  There is a lot on the line, y’all!

So, without further ado, I present your court (in alphabetical order, calm down!) including their hopes, dreams, and a selection of all the nice things people said about them in the nominations process!

see you on the dancefloor,
Lil Miss Hot Mess


Watch Hard French’s newest video – ¡SACAMELO!

Maria Elena has been pregnant for 12 months. Determined to give birth before the Winter Ball, she’ll stop at nothing to induce labor – but what kind of monster will emerge? Watch the official Hard French Winter Ball Telenovela, ¡SACAMELO!, by Dirty Glitter and Jorge P starring Ambrosia Salad & Stanley Frank Sensation to learn the answer…

HARD FRENCH WINTER BALL 2013: ¡SACAMELO! from Dirtyglitter on Vimeo.

LIVE PERFORMANCES at the Hard French Winter Ball!

We here at Hard French love performances. This year we are showcasing four of our favorite performers who will be singing live for you at the Ball! In addition, Glamamore will once again take to the stage for the third year in a row! Click on the photo of each artist to find out more…

Nominate Your 2013 Hard French Winter Ball King & Queen


It’s time once again to nominate your friends, lovers, crushes, and all-around heros for the Hard French Winter Ball King & Queen competition!  As always, we’re looking for extraordinary folks from our community who are smart, sweet, artsy, crafty, committed, bold, big-hearted, and of course, self-identifiably sexy and know how to shake their tail feathers!  Ultimately, it’s a chance to honor the folks who tend to put in more than they get back, to say thank you for being part of what makes our community so great!

New this year, our nominees will each be competing for an organization of their choice to become the community beneficiaries of the Winter Ball (it’s sort of like Celebrity Apprentice but without Donald Trump) — it’s another way of supporting the work these great folks are doing and giving back to our community!  Of course, all finalists receive FREE entry to the Winter Ball.  The winners will receive a 2013 Season Pass to Hard French, as well as a prize pack including gift certificates and treats to some of our favorite spots (we’re constantly updating this list!!!):

The nomination form and official rules are below / after the jump — and don’t forget to get your tickets now!

Lil Miss Hot Mess, your official vote counter


WINTER LIVING with HARD FRENCH — Live Performances by the Younger Lovers & T.I.T.S.

a new daytime danceparty with hot bands, hot babes and hot drinks

December 1st 3pm – 8pm

yr Hard French DJs:
DJ Carnita & DJ Brown Amy
Spinning the baddest all-vinyl girl group grooves, northern soul stunners and funky foot stompers this side of the ’60s

live performances by:
The Younger Lovers
“A shot of syrupy pop tainted with gritty swagger dug out of the potholes of Oakland’s San Pablo Ave” – SF Weekly

“Totally unhinged, like a ’60s freakout taken to almost parodic extremes” – SF Bay Guardian

With the Winter upon us Hard French has decided to forgo our regular hibernation to bring you a few of our favorite things – hot bands, hot dancing & hot drinks. When El Rio said they were weatherproofing their patio and asked us to party with them through the changing seasons we took the opportunity to do something a little different. During our regular Hard French timeslot in December and January we’re going to be inviting some of our favorite bands, performers, artists and others to the party. Don’t worry, we’ll still have Hard French staples like our DJ’s Brown Amy & Carnita and hot babes dancing.

Speaking of Winter Living, don’t forget to save the date for February 2nd for the Third Annual HARD FRENCH WINTER BALL at the Cocoanut Grove on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. You may also want to start planning an outfit, reserving a room, hiring consultants to run your campaign for Queen or King, etc.

Goodnight Hard French!

Two Parties. Two Locations. 12 Hours of nonstop Dancing!

Hard French is going to party the only way we know how – BIG! Our Season Finale marks another year of Saturday Afternoon dancing and cruising, and to commemorate it this year we are throwing TWO parties! Starting at 2pm at El Rio, our regular daytime soul music party will get you started with all the HF classics and guest DJ Jackie Sugarlumps. When that ends at El Rio make your way to Goodnight Hard French, where we continue our festivities with a live performance by New York City’s Midnight Magic, guest DJs Primo (2 Men Will Move You/Nightbeat) and Jason Kendig (Honey Soundsystem). Check out the video for Midnight Magic’s song ‘Beam Me Up’!

click here for more info on Hard French Season Finale @ El Rio, 2pm – 8pm

click here for more info on Goodnight Hard French @ Public Works, 10pm – 2am

click here to buy tickets to Goodnight Hard French

DEVIANTS: Featuring Hard French and Honey Soundsystem!

It’s our favorite time of year – Folsom Street Fair! For the second year in a row we are partnering with the boys of Honey Soundsystem to bring you 12 hours of non stop partying. After admiring all the adult babies, human manimals, naked MENZ and public flogging at the fair, stop by Public Works for DEVIANTS ADULT ARCADE.


Sunday, September 23rd, 3pm – 3am, Public Works (Erie St. and Mission St.)

Beginning at 3pm the entire block of Erie Street in front of Public Works will be transformed into an open-air dance party complete with Hard French’s signature all 60s soul sound, our infamous Jiggalicious Dance Babes, outdoor bars and food carts. In addition to resident DJs Brown Amy and Carnita, DJ Wam Bam Ashleyanne will be joining us for NONSTOP HARD FRENCH DANCING FROM 3pm – 10pm!

What else can you expect? Stereogamous, a production duo based out of Sydney, Australia will be DJing and playing some songs with live vocalist Shaun J. Wright in the Public Works loft from 9-midnight. They have remixed some amazing acts and their music is best described as music for making out, horizontal dance music and BATH HOUSE.

They have remixed the following bands: LCD Soundsystem, MEN,  The Presets, Kylie Minogue, George Michael, Light Asylum, and more..

Horse Meat Disco will be DJing the main room of Public Works from 11-2am. Horse Meat Disco is dedicated to the industry of human happiness and it pumps it out every Sunday at THE EAGLE LONDON (formerly South Central). Its the queer party for everyone; Homos and Heteros, club kids, bears, fashionistas, naturists, guerilla drag queens and ladies who munch. Funky House Party MUSIC!




Stand up and be counted!  Be proud of who you are and speak up about it.  Transform SF, a coalition of four community based HIV prevention organizations, gives you that chance.

Transform SF will be conducting our Transgender Community Health Survey (which includes a free, rapid HIV test), outside of Hard French on 9/1 from 4:00 – 8:00 PM.  Participants get into Hard French for FREE!!! …plus a $20 gift card for participating. 

Our Transgender Community Health Survey is a survey of the Transgender community who lives, works, or plays in San Francisco.  Our goal is to better understand how discrimination, mistreatment, and other social factors play into the HIV prevalence rate in the SF Transgender community.  For far too long HIV/AIDS has ravaged the Transgender community.  With a prevalence rate of nearly 30%, (in contrast, the national average is less than 1%) the Transgender community has been disproportionally effected by the epidemic.  But this doesn’t have to be the case.  Stand up, be counted, and be heard.

The Transform SF Transgender Community Survey, which includes a free, rapid HIV test, offers a $20 gift card every 6 months for participants. If you can’t make it to this Hard French – contact Erin Armstrong for more information, or to make an appointment – (Erin@APIWellness.org) 415.292.3400 x 113.


Hard French w/ SOUL R CAMP

a saturday afternoon soul music dance party

August 4th 2pm – 8pm
$7 – dancing and cruising
3pm – 4pm: $1 beers
3pm – 5pm: free BBQ until its all gone!

yr Hard French DJs:
DJ Carnita & DJ Brown Amy
Spinning the baddest all-vinyl girl group grooves, northern soul stunners and funky foot stompers this side of the ’60s

w/ the Hard French Jiggalicious Dance Babes
“Babes shakin it down and making you move.”

And especially soulful performances c/o SOME THING presents SOUL ARE CAMP, from the nighttime to the daytime, a show reminding you to pack your bags and come to SOME ARE CAMP on August 10th & 11th

VivvyAnne ForeverMORE!
Lil Miss Hot Mess
Miss Rahni

As Always:
**Hard French photo booth (6pm – 8pm)**
–All PHOTO BOOTH Proceeds will benefit the Coalition on Homelessness (http://www.cohsf.org/)! The Coalition on Homelessness was formed in 1987 to foster the active participation of homeless and low-income San Francisco residents and front-line staff in the struggle for economic and social justice.
El Rio is going to match your dollar bills you donate to the photobooth… support the arts! Your glamour shots will be taken by Hannah Cairns photography! 

**FRITO BOATS (5pm – till it runs out!)**
GinO recreates a childhood snack bar treat & turns it into a masterpiece of gourmet, homemade tasty vegetarian chili, piled high atop your own bag of FritO’s, smothered in cheese & chopped onions–served with a spoon & love!


Party in the Woods with DJ Brown Amy at Fabulosa Fest

Fabulosa Fest 2012

Every year Hard French heads up to the wilds of Marin to hang out, dance with babes, watch live bands and party in the wilderness at Fabulosa Fest, an annual summer festival celebrating women in music. Highlights for this year include a campfire jam with Kaia Wilson & Jenny Hoyston, a danceparty in A BARN with our friend Miss Pop and,  for the second year in a row, our own DJ Brown Amy will be spinning her 45s lakeside on Saturday so you can tube around and shake a tailfeather on the docks or under the water. Brown Amy says her favorite Fabulosa memory was spinning Marlena Shaw’s Let’s Wade In The Water as hot ladies splashed around together in the lake which one can only imagine will be recreated again this year.

Here’s some more info about the festival from the organizers (who just happen to be our amazing El Rio family) and be sure to buy your tickets now cuz they’re going fast!

The 5th annual FABULOSA happens July 20-22, 2012 at Walker Creek Ranch, 40 miles North of San Francisco. FABULOSA attendees have a blast swimming to “Oldies at the Lake” with DJ Brown Amy (of Hard French), watching an outdoor film exhibition (by Frameline and QWOCMAP), attending workshops, getting massages, browsing the craft fair, and singing around the campfire. FABULOSA’s Main Stage and Dinner concerts feature world-class women musicians, who delightfully bring Salsa, Americana, Funk, Hip Hop, and Jazz to life.
FABULOSA is an inclusive feminist gathering, open to all ages and genders. Proceeds from the 3-day party benefit women’s and LGBT charities.
Camping spots, bunkhouse beds, and meal plans (with gluten-free, vegan, and omnivore options) are still available for this magical weekend on a gorgeous, green-facility ranch. Get discounted weekend passes or day passes online until July 10 at www.FABULOSAFest.com or buy regularly priced passes at the festival entrance.
Tickets start at $180- 3 Days of Lodging, Meals and Festivities. COME!!!

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